What Is an SSID And Why Do We Need It?

An SSID is a unique identifier that represents the name of a Wi-Fi network. It is like an address for your Wi-Fi network and helps you and your devices connect to the correct network. SSIDs are typically 32-character strings that can include letters, numbers, and special characters, and they should be unique within the area. If multiple networks have the same SSID, devices may connect to the wrong network, leading to confusion and potential security issues.

Hiding your SSID may make it harder for others to find your network, but it won’t provide any substantial security. Instead, use online password generator to create uncrackable passwords, regularly update your router firmware, and implement other security measures like using a reliable VPN to keep your network protected.

Changing your SSID is a quick and simple process, and you should manually choose the right network instead of using the auto-connect feature to avoid exposing your internet traffic and personal information to unauthorized individuals.

Choosing a good name for your Wi-Fi network’s SSID is also important. Using memorable, yet professional names can help your neighbors identify your network easily without compromising your security. 

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